Who We Are

Introducing Team Toni
Sarah Buchheit || @sarahhbuchheit
Hey ya'll! I'm Sarah, one of the founders of Toni Co. I'd like to say I'm a dreamer,  but I don't sleep much. I stay up all night thinking of new ideas to better our brand. The hopes I have for this business sky rockets by day. The hope I have comes from the feedback we have collected and the community we have grown. What I love? That's easy; my family, my friends, my doggos, and burritos, duh. My forever goal is to leave a lasting impression on everyone I meet just like, I want for everyone who has come across Toni Co.
Jenny Bux || @jenny_bux
Hi all!  I am Jen, one of the proud founders of Toni Co.  I have always been a dreamer and a lover of all things business but it wasn't until the trifecta that is Jen, Matt & Sarah that Toni Co. was born.  I am fueled by people's stories and this ride has been pouring gasoline on my ideas and dreams of better tomorrow's.  It's hard to write about myself because every day I aspire to change, grow and learn more but at my core I cry over everything and want the best for everyone.  I love my family, ricotta, Turks and Caicos, animals and Matt.  If i could tell the world just one thing it would be to spend more time counting your blessings.  My dream home is in the warm South with a bunch of kids, dogs and chickens.  My forever goal is to make being kind, cool.
Matt Buchheit || @matthew_buchheit
I'm Matt and I am an Architect, diy-er, and the digital Toni designer.  It is an honor to work beside these two amazing women and be a part of such an inspiring community.  I wear all of our products proudly knowing the positive message we send and the continuous impact your support of our mission has made.  I also love my family, banksy, art, sugary iced cocktails and traveling.  My forever goal is to leave a mark on the world through art and design.