About Us


I’m Jenny, one of the founders of Toni. We will be sharing ourselves, our styles and our stories with our supporters more and more as time goes on.

Toni was born with the hope of human connections and spreading love and so far that’s exactly what we’ve seen. Personally, I cry over everything but I have been moved to tears countless times over the past few weeks... you are moving me, inspiring me and fueling a fire inside of me.

I wanted to share with you some of my current favorites in our collections - I am jeans and crop top chic this summer and wear a standard Paige scrunch in my hair at home all day, every day. When I want to level myself up for a big day out, the Linen Collection is my go to. The Jojo and Tess are my current obsessions. At night, it’s a standard Brenna scrunch. The satins are the best bet for a breakage free night sleep. As far as my favorite mask - the Maddie mask. It’s light and stylish for the hot summer days.

This is just the beginning of Toni and I am excited. We will be expressing ourselves as individuals through new lines and products. You’ll meet the rest of the team soon. ♥️
I’m Sarah, one of the founders of Toni. I’m so excited to be able to introduce myself to everyone who has taken part in changing so many lives, including my own.

The creation of Toni in the last few months has been fun, inspiring, mind blowing and a mission far from over.

Toni was born with the goal to connect people while spreading positivity, love, and our stories. We have accomplished so much but have so much more to come!

I wanted to share with you some of my favorite pieces in our collections. I am a “throw my hair back” kind of gal and this quarantine has solidified that. I feel successful if I even brush my hair in the morning! 🙈Therefore, the satins are my lifesaver! They do not leave a single crease in my hair after an all day pony. I can make plans last minute with friends, take my hair out... and it looks good as new! When I want that cool, stand out from the rest scrunch... the Jeanie is my go-to. She is the denim beauty! have never seen anything like her!

To those of you who have supported us with a purchase, a follow, a repost, a positive text, a donation... you are motivating me, inspiring me and filling me with so much joy and excitement for the future. Thank you!♥️


I'm Matt, one of the founders of Toni Co. I am behind the scenes digital designer here where my focus is to use my creative background in design to capture our mission visually and spread it throughout our community. Toni represents everyone, stripping all physical appearances and creating a judgement free zone - one love.

Our team at ShopToni.Co will never stop striving to make a difference and with your help, we will pave the way to a brighter today!  Thank you for joining us on this journey!  Now, let's tie our hair back and get busy changing the world.

TONI’s are handmade pieces made in small limited batches of high quality materials, we strive for seamless perfection in all of our products. No two pieces of our collections are identical, they represent how different and imperfectly perfect we all are.

Thank you for joining us on this journey!  Now, let's tie our hair back and get busy changing the world.