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Our desire to want to help more and impact the community on a deeper level led us to the development of the Feel Good page.  We continuously donate 15% of our proceeds every month to different organizations which has been not only extremely educational but also rewarding.  Our feel good part of Toni Co. is for the specific, more detailed type of donating.  We are asking you to share your stories and let us help!

Each of our feel good stories will have a designated product dedicated to it.  50% of the proceeds from that product will be donated to the cause and will continue to be sold until we reach out monetary goal amount.  Once that amount is hit, we will release our next story!

This Feel Good, we introduce you to the Asencio Family.  They have shared with us their story of losing their beautiful daughter, Gianna.  Parents, Lisabeth and Jason have been open in sharing the details of the family's heartache. From their strength, we will be able to keep Gianna's memory alive.  Read below for their story.


We are Lisabeth and Jason Asencio, the parents of Gianna “Gigi” Asencio. We moved from North Massapequa, NY to Fleming Island, FL in July 2014. Gianna was going into her freshman year of high school. She was so nervous, but very excited to start a new school and make new friends; “the shiny new penny” as we called her.

Just 7 months after moving to Fleming Island, on the cold and dark early Thursday morning of January 29, 2015 our whole world changed. Our lives would never be the same. Even though it was cold that morning, Gianna declined a ride to her bus stop, which was out of our subdivision and across a busy one-lane parkway. Like every teen, she wanted to be independent and said she wanted to walk. We said, “I love you” to each other, and I closed the front door.

A few hours later, while taking her younger sister, Vanessa to school, we pulled up to a police scene in our development. Police tape completely blocked off a section of the parkway. There was fire trucks, law enforcement cars, an ambulance, news reporters, and a small tent in the distance. We were both wondering what was going on. I told Vanessa, “Oh Honey, I think someone has passed away.” Vanessa mentioned her friend had text her that a teenager was killed. I immediately got a sick feeling. We both tried to get in touch with Gigi, but did not get a response. As I continued to follow the detour to Vanessa’s school, my fears were getting the best of me.

I called my job and told them I had to go back to the scene to ease my mind. When I pulled up to the scene, I asked an officer if it was a girl that was killed, because, other than Gianna, there was only another boy that had to cross the street to get to the bus stop. The officer walked over to two officers; then asked me to park my car. That is when I was told the horrific and numbing news that no parent should ever have to experience. Friends that had arrived to the scene, helped me do the unthinkable. I had to call Jason to tell him that Gianna was involved in an accident and needed to come home immediately. Meanwhile, our good friends went to pick up Vanessa. And even though she wasn’t told yet, had a very strong feeling of what she was about to be told.

Then, I had to call Gianna’s older sister, Alexus, who that day, just started a new job. Alexus was lucky enough to have amazing coworkers that took her back to her college dorm so she could pack and fly down from New York right away.

Jason arrived at the scene, and I had to tell him the horrific and sickening news about our daughter. We were all in total shock and completely numb. We didn’t even get to see her that day to say goodbye. We had to come to the realization that our beautiful, witty, silly, selfless, compassionate, kind-hearted daughter and sister wasn’t coming home. Jason had the heartbreaking task of having to identify her from a picture that is engrained in his memory forever. We got to say our goodbyes to Gigi at the church during her mass. It still seems surreal that at the young age of 14, she was fatally struck by a car crossing the street to her bus stop. We still struggle to find a “new norm.”

Gianna has touched the lives of so many in her short time, and thousands more when she gained her angel wings. Gianna always wanted to make everyone around her happy, feel good, and to see them smile. She also constantly wanted to help people. She had such a pure, good-hearted, caring and kind soul. Gianna loved gymnastics, photography, fashion and design, palm trees, the beach, riding her skateboard, and retro items, like record players and LPs. Younger kids flocked to her and everyone adored her. So, in her memory, we have established an annual scholarship that will be gifted to special graduates of Fleming Island High School. The first scholarship was given in 2018 to her fellow students she would have graduated with. It was a great honor to help students reach their academic goals of attending college. The money raised from this Feel Good Fundraiser will not only help us keep Gianna’s memory alive, it will also allow Gianna to “attend” college through the many recipients.

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